Bicycle Decal Fitting Guide


Bicycle Decal Fitting Guide



1. The surface you intend on applying your stickers to must be clean, dry, free from grease, dust and any other dirt and imperfections.

2. The stickers we supply are adhesive backed. To make handling easier, we supply them with an application tape layer.

3. The application tape when peeled back from the backing paper will lift the sticker with it ready for applying.

4. The application tape helps with handling and positioning when applying the sticker.

5. Once you have positioned your sticker on the bicycle frame, you can rub over it through the application tape securing it without damaging the sticker.

6. When you are happy that the sticker is applied, carefully peel back the application tape. This will peel away without damage as it has a low adhesive backing compared with the sticker.

7. Once the decal is applied, you must seal it from the elements. Like with those fitted to you original frame, they would have been lacquered over and your will have to do the same.



The stickers must be spray lacquered after fitment - This seals them from the elements and damage.

Please note: Applying lacquer by brush may cause damage: Always use a spray lacquer.